Saturday, 11 December 2010


I decided to start posting here the game help just to be more easy to access, it's not difficult, but very large, so here we go:

LAST UPDATE 12/12/2010

0.Game Objective
1.Understanding cities

----------------------------------0-Game Objective:------------------------------------
It's simple, conquer all the territories you selected in the objective option when starting a new game (60%-80%-100%)

-------------------------------1-Understanding cities:------------------------------------
You win money trough population tax and commerce tax. To approximately calculate it, there's an index of the tax(calculate by 0.40 in a city and 0.50 if capital, and some bonuses for commerce tax with the market building and population tax with the city hall) that it's applied to the total of the population that supports you (total happiness) divided by 200. IE:
I have a city(capital) without a market and a city hall and with feudal monarchy for government.
Population: 25,75
Tax Base: 5.0%/2.0%
Total happiness: 99
Population tax: 06,00 = [(((25.57 / 200) * 99) * 0.5) ]
Commerce tax: 02,40 = [(((25.57 / 200) * 99) * 0.2)]
Total Income: 08,40 (06,00 + 02,40)
Units upkeep: 04,00
TOTAL BALANCE: 04,40 (08,40 - 02,40)

Take in count that population grows every turn, there is an index applied to the total population and there is a bonus with the hospital and if it's capital. There's a penalty if city it's under the effects of a plague (a skull will appear on the city info) or revolting (a fire appears on the city info).
The revolts may start if happiness it's below 30, less happiness, more probability to start it.
If city it's revolting, then index of growing goes down, there's no income, only units upkeep and some people get killed, they will kill your soldiers too. They will stop only when reached at least 30 of happiness. You should send units to keep peace or wait population to descend.
The plague may happen in big cities more often, upgrade city for population limit and you can prevent it with a hospital.
If the city it's near sea then you can make your units travel by water... but it's expensive.

-Archers are the best for defence.
-Soldiers will save you now, upgrades later.
-Do not start more wars than you can afford.
-Like someone said: For war you need three things money, money and more money.
-With a hospital your units can support long sieges, being defender or attacker.
-When starting don't wast your time with expensive units.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

LITE VERSION released!

The lite version of the game has been released, containing 10 nations to select.

If you have any critic or comment about Lite Version, please post here!

Monday, 25 October 2010

New update: 1.5.5v

In this update:
-SPANISH translation!!!
-changed stats on Cavalry Knight (it was almost the same as Elite Sword Knight)
-changed stats on Elite Cavalry Knight (it was almost invincible =P)


New update: 1.5.4v

In this update:
-Units stats changed (bowman, crossbowman, pikeman, cavalry knight & elite cavalry knight).

Those changes were done because of the many critics about the units differences, some player get stuck by cities being defended by many bowmans/crossbowmans unable to defeat.
Please let me know if you find any problem like that by commenting this post

Sunday, 24 October 2010

NEW BLOG!!!, soon ready to post critics, bugs, ideas and all you want

In few days the blog will be updated with some info and of course some design... right now it's awful I know.